Making Your Environment Safer
Making Your Environment Safer

Vapor Intrusion Mitigation Systems for Brownfield Redevelopment

Vapor Intrusion Mitigation: Our Michigan Roots

The history of Michigan is rooted in industrial manufacturing, which fueled the growth of many Michigan communities in the early 20th century. Today, former industrial sites now pose unique environmental challenges for developers seeking to restore and repurpose historical buildings and embark on new construction projects in the area.

Founded in Grand Rapids, MI, Green Earth Remediation now provides vapor intrusion mitigation services that enable developers to tackle challenges in brownfield redevelopment, ensuring safe environments for revitalized communities across various regions.

Vapor intrusion mitigation technician from Green Earth Remediation installing vapor barrier in a commercial building.
Brownfield site with dilapidated building.

Why Is Vapor Intrusion Assessment and Mitigation System Design Required?

In the heyday of the United State’s industrial manufacturing empire, much less was known and understood about the environmental impacts of industrial runoff and dumping. Therefore, chemicals and byproducts were simply dumped into landfills and waterways, and these contaminants remain in the soil and sediment that is below various buildings and prospective construction sites.

To limit the movement of chemical vapors from contaminated soil and groundwater, through the cracks and gaps in building foundations into the air inside buildings, it is necessary to perform brownfield assessment and vapor intrusion mitigation.

Comprehensive Vapor Intrusion Mitigation for Safe and Healthy Environments

Delivering expert solutions from trusted professionals to ensure health and safety in redeveloped brownfield sites.


Our assessment process identifies potential vapor intrusion pathways to ensure accurate mitigation solutions.


Certified experts design and implement customized vapor intrusion mitigation systems tailored for redeveloped brownfield sites.


State-of-the-art monitoring ensures ongoing effectiveness of vapor intrusion mitigation systems, safeguarding health.


Our maintenance services guarantee the durability and optimal performance of vapor intrusion mitigation systems.

Customer Service, It’s What We Do

Green Earth Remediation is proud to be a leading provider of radon testing, radon mitigation, and pest control services for commercial and residential clients. With any service we provide, we aim to offer a top notch customer experience. We’re always willing to go the extra mile to ensure you get the service you need, right when you need it. If you are dealing with a pest infestation or high radon levels, don’t hesitate to reach out to our professional team.

We have decades of experience.
We deliver guaranteed results.
We have a team of experts on hand.
We work quickly to provide effective, long-lasting solutions.

Vapor Intrusion Service Photos

Happy customers at home after radon mitigation

Hear from our Vapor Intrusion Customers

We are proud to have hundreds of positive reviews on Google from our vapor intrusion clients. We invite you to check out some of our recent reviews below or check out our Reviews page for more.

Benjamin Stark
Benjamin Stark
William and Joe arrived on time, were super friendly and knowledgeable, talked us through what service they were going to perform, and gave us an overview at the end of what to watch out for with our radon abatement system in the future. Fantastic service call all around.
Kristy N
Kristy N
Matt, Joe & William are awesome!! The crew arrived on time and helped me understand the install for our radon mitigation system. Very efficient, friendly and cleaned up extremely well! They were respectful of our home. I appreciate all the hard work they did. I highly recommend Green Earth for radon or pest control. We have used both services and are totally satisfied with their services. Thank you again!!!
Gloria Bak
Gloria Bak
The Green Earth installation team completed my radon mitigation system.They were professional and knowledgeable,Courteous and respectful of me and my home.They arrived on time and recommended the most optimal spot for system, and completing the work in a timely manner, educating me on monitoring the system.I fully recommend their service if you have need of a solution for high radon levels in your home.
Josh McCarthy
Josh McCarthy
Great job installing radon mitigation system. Highly recommend. The crew was out within 2 days of calling and got the system installed quickly.
Fantastic service!! William and Joe were professional, friendly and made us feel at ease with our new radon mitigation system. We had no exp in this area, appreciated their explanations and patience. We walked thru our expectations (placement, piping, etc), they offered suggestions and in the end, it was better than we could have imagined. Extremely happy, highly recommended. (Matt and Zach were also great, talked on phone and did initial review/quote). Thank you all!!
Jerry Richter
Jerry Richter
Had radon high in basement. These guys came out took care of the problem. Did a great job everything was all cleaned up and now we are below 1.5 and we'reat 10.0 when tested. I would have no problem calling these guys. GREAT JOB GOOD PRICE
Kristen Woodward
Kristen Woodward
Excellent experience! We needed a radon mitigation system put in and we used Schultz at both our houses. Both times they were professional, quick to schedule and very easy to work with. I was worried about the looks of it and they went above and beyond to make sure it was esthetically pleasing and what I wanted. Would highly recommend to anyone in the market for a system.
Ginny Grit-Googe
Ginny Grit-Googe
We give them a five star review! They were very responsive and thorough and did a wonderful job installing our radon mitigation system. We definitely recommend this company!
Kyle Emrich
Kyle Emrich
Prompt service visit for radon issue. They were able to install the mitigation system within 1 week from original visit! Highly recommend.
Ross Schultheiss
Ross Schultheiss
Friendly, knowledgeable staff. The price was good for the service. Would recommend to anyone that needs radon mitigation.

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Green Earth Remediation has numerous locations, and we’re constantly expanding, allowing us to provide the same great service to a growing number of communities. Wondering if we’re in your neighborhood? Check out the map to see areas we’ve served.

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Why Choose Green Earth Remediation

Green Earth Remediation built our reputation as a leading radon mitigation specialist in Michigan, and we are well known among redevelopment contractors and environmental consultants for our vapor intrusion mitigation services. We have a diverse portfolio of brownfield related projects that have been successfully completed  in areas of urban settings to areas located in the main or central part of a city or town.

Our experience and industry knowledge is what allows us to both design and install mitigation systems for brownfield redevelopment projects, which protects investments by securing the health of future occupants.

Additionally, we are committed to preserving the prosperity and safety of our community because we have long standing roots in the places we live and work. Our team has extensive knowledge of vapor intrusion and soil gas mitigation, and we can help fulfill EPA requirements for brownfield redevelopment to ensure your construction project goes smoothly.

To schedule a consultation for an assessment or learn more about our services and previous vapor intrusion projects, contact Green Earth Remediation today.

Certifications & Recognition

Our Excellence, Your Peace of Mind
We pride ourselves on being leaders in radon and pest control services. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our credentials:

Vapor Intrusion FAQs 

Soil or air testing can reveal the presence of potential contaminants that can be mitigated with a vapor barrier in a building’s foundation. This type of testing should take place prior to new construction or renovation in designated brownfield sites where pollutants are likely to be present.
Vapor intrusion is the result of chemical spills, leaks, or dumping that was not properly cleaned up. In areas with a history of industrial production, it is common to find higher levels of contaminants in the soil and groundwater. As these chemicals evaporate, they can become vapors that are released into the air. When vapors infiltrate buildings, these odorless, invisible gasses build up in concentration and present a health hazard for the buildings’ occupants.
Exposure to various volatile organic compounds (VOCs) through vapor intrusion may increase a person’s cancer risk and cause more immediate health concerns with symptoms like nausea, drowsiness, dizziness, slowed reflexes, and headaches.
Green Earth Remediation will customize vapor mitigation solutions based on the unique needs of your property. Typically, the process will include the installation of a vapor barrier within a building’s foundation. This will prevent the intrusion of harmful, airborne compounds associated with various health risks.
Vapor intrusion control is a specialized service that requires extensive training and knowledge to provide effectively. Green Earth Remediation has assisted in the redevelopment of numerous brownfield sites with reliable solutions for vapor intrusion.
Soil testing involves taking a sample of potentially contaminated soil and sending it to a lab for assessment. The process of taking a soil sample generally takes 1-2 hours. For existing structures, a sub slab soil gas sample may need to be taken. This involves drilling small holes into a basement or slab floor to collect soil samples underneath. A lab report will be provided within a few weeks of the soil sample collection.
Air testing is typically performed over a period of 24 hours with a passive testing device that is collected in a specially designed canister and taken to a lab for testing. A lab report will take 3-5 weeks following the collection of an air sample.
Vapor mitigation will not only ensure the health and safety of a building’s future occupants, but it can limit liabilities for property owners and protect their investments. It also provides a pathway towards revitalizing urban areas that may have previously posed health risks that limited redevelopment in these areas.