Making Your Environment Safer
Making Your Environment Safer

Vapor Intrusion Mitigation: Brownfield Redevelopment Case Study

Brownfield Redevelopment Solutions: A Vapor Intrusion Mitigation Case Study

This case study highlights Green Earth Remediation’s vapor intrusion mitigation solutions and our ability to yield measurable results for buildings struggling with vapor intrusion.


Green Earth Remediation was contacted to address an industrial building that was being converted into a multi-unit apartment building. The building was experiencing TCE contamination, and the project’s investors did not know how to remedy the situation to ensure the safety of future occupants and protect their investment.

Client Background:

The building had previously been the site of an industrial production facility that used solvents, which contaminated the soil with trichlorethylene, or TCE. Investors were converting the building into multi-unit tenant apartments, but TCE intrusion needed to be managed to ensure the safety of the occupants and bring the building up to code.

Problem Statement:

The project’s investors were aware of the contamination, but they did not know how to remedy the situation and ensure safe air quality for the building as it was redeveloped. TCS exposure has many known side effects for humans, mainly affecting the central nervous system and causing symptoms like headaches, nausea, and dizziness.

Green Earth Remediation Solution:

Green Earth Remediation inspected the site and made recommendations for TCE mitigation, including the installation of a commercial vapor intrusion system. This system was custom designed and installed by our technicians.

Results Achieved:

Following the installation of a vapor intrusion system, third party testing was performed. TCE was remediated from the indoor air per testing guidelines. The building is now safe for occupancy, and the owners’ investments were protected.


Green Earth Remediation is committed to creating a safer environment in the communities we serve with commercial and residential solutions for radon mitigation, vapor intrusion, and pest control. We understand the importance of providing safe, effective, and proven solutions to resolve environmental challenges in commercial projects, including brownfield redevelopment and new construction. Many growing communities throughout the U.S. sit on the former sites of industrial facilities, and our goal is to ensure that these revitalized communities are built safely with the health and wellness of all future occupants in mind.