Making Your Environment Safer
Making Your Environment Safer

Raising Healthy Families: Radon Mitigation Case Study

Raising Healthy Families: A Residential Radon Mitigation Case Study

This case study offers a look at the radon mitigation capabilities of Green Earth Remediation and showcases the importance of routine radon testing.


When the President of Green Earth Remediation, Greg, received his NRPP Certification as a Certified Radon Professional, the first house he tested was his son Chris’s home.

Client Background:

Chris had a 1 year old son, and his wife Heidi was pregnant with baby number 2 at the time of testing. The home had not been tested for radon when Chris and Heidi purchased it 2 years prior. Now that the two were growing their family, they became increasingly concerned about the safety of their home. Greg placed a 48-hour test, which came back at 14.0 pCi/L.

Problem Statement:

The 48-hour test revealed alarming results, which were 3.5 times higher than the EPA action level of 4.0 pCi/L at which remediation is recommended. Additionally, the home was at risk of water infiltration as the sump pump crack was full of water with no pump currently installed.

Green Earth Remediation Solution:

Green Earth Remediation quickly went to work installing a radon mitigation system just 4 days after test results came in. Following an evaluation of the home, a customized radon mitigation system was designed and installed to reduce radon levels to a safe and acceptable range. While there is no “safe” level of radon exposure, radon mitigation systems should aim to lower indoor radon levels to 0.3-.07 pCi/L, which is comparable to normal outdoor radon levels. Along with the radon mitigation system, a new sump pump was installed.

Results Achieved:

A post mitigation test came back at 0.4 pCi/L, which is 35 times lower than pre-installation of the system. Chris and Heidi could now rest easy as they welcomed their second child into the home.


This is a unique case in which Green Earth Remediation had the opportunity to potentially save the life of one of our own family members by identifying hazardous radon levels and installing a customized radon mitigation system. We are committed to helping other families achieve the same peace of mind with a healthier and safer living environment.