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Termite Infestation: A Residential Success Story

Termite Infestation: A Comprehensive Residential Solution

This case study offers a look at how quickly termite infestations can get out of control and demonstrates the importance of reliable pest control solutions.


Green Earth Remediation was contacted by a customer who had purchased a home the previous year and was seeking a second opinion on a persistent termite problem. The home had been previously treated for termites, but termites had returned and caused extensive damage to the home.

Client Background:

The client had purchased their home in spring of 2022 and due to the hot real estate market and several previous properties falling through prior to the sale, the new homeowner waived all contingencies and inspections to secure the purchase of the home. The following spring, the client was faced with swarming termites and extensive structural damage.

Problem Statement:

Green Earth Remediation performed an inspection of the home and identified the area where eastern subterranean termites were active.
The area of the home where termites were active had not been properly treated by the previous pest control company, so the pests became active and swarmed when the weather became warm again during the springtime.

Green Earth Remediation Solution:

After a thorough inspection of the home, we put together a pest control remediation plan and reviewed it with the homeowner. We were then able to perform a comprehensive treatment of the home, which took most of one day. The process included drilling holes around the foundation and applying a proven termiticide.

Results Achieved:

A 2024 inspection showed no further termite activity, and we backed the work performed with a 14-year guarantee and transferable warranty. The customer also opted for yearly inspections and annual preventive treatments to avoid any future problems with these destructive pests.


This case study demonstrates the importance of having a thorough home inspection before purchasing any home, as termite infestations and damage may not be immediately visible to homeowners. Additionally, it showcases the potential issues that can arise when utilizing a pest control company that does not have extensive experience in treating termites and that doesn’t back up their work with a warranty or guarantee. Green Earth Remediation is committed to providing homeowners with long-lasting pest control solutions that tackle infestations at the source to ensure ongoing safety and peace of mind